Paul Hanger

Elizabeth and James

The brand’s creative direction, communications, and product mix had veered off-course under the influence of its licensee. Once the brand was brought back in-house, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen approached PSA to develop a cohesive Strategy, Identity and Retail Packaging program for the brand that would signal their return as design directors (cool). Their goal was to elevate Elizabeth and James for an audience that was seeking a playful yet sophisticated brand. The result was a creative overhaul for Elizabeth and James that is soulful, aspirational and highly fucking covetable.

Knowing how savvy Mary Kate and Ashley are in creative, I knew we had to get weird and be really confident about the move. I was tired of people talking about the then new Gucci packaging program and how amazing it was, as I thought it was the laziest solution available really uninspiring.

There was only one solution. We had to fucking go for it. Instead of rational thought I went for irrational. We talked about feelings and dreams. An overarching idea was created. It’s fucking blue, man. 

How can blue tap into everything from photography to logo rules? I don’t know, it wasn’t about creating rules, it was about dreaming in identity. It’s fluid and it moves around, making you happy. Making you remember.