Paul Hanger


What started out as a conversation around making some nicer labels, quickly escalated into a super-deep creative collaboration with Khaite and its parent company, Assembled Brands.

I see posters everyday. Most of them are crap. Khaite was hitting strong from day one, so posters for their first campaign had to hit just as hard.  

What made the job easier, was that they had some really great photography already. Like, really fucking great. So, from the beginning, it wasn’t about fixing shit images or making them look cool/bad because they weren’t good.

They were good. If they’re so good, let’s dive into them. Let’s get pulpy and weird (I love getting pulpy and weird).
The best thing about the images was the perspective and composition. 

The inclination was to zoom in on these parts and almost put them under a microscope. Expose them to the world and let them become a lexicon for how the brand treats images. It also speaks to a supreme clarity that was super evident in the way Khaite was approaching everything else about the brand. 
Now we’ve got something to play with and push. Let’s have some fun.