Paul Hanger


When Tibi approached PSA to redesign their logo, the brand was at an interesting juncture: the product was modern, clean and commercially viable but their identity no longer matched the creative vision (remember those sick flourishes). The challenge was to update their branding without alienating their loyal customer base.

We started our process by researching architecture to get in touch with a clean, modern and geometric palette. During our research we learned something fucking fascinating: nearly all of the great modernists from Bauhaus to Bucky, Rams to Wright, were all educated in a particular kind of Kindergarten.

At first this seemed like no big deal, but after we dug a little deeper we discovered that Kindergarten, as in the concept developed by Frederich Froebel, was known for using wooden blocks in various shapes and in bold primary colors to teach his young students about the complex world around them.

For us, it became about making complex ideas tangible, touchable and manageable. 

So, standing on the foundations of modern architecture and Froebel's ideas, we explored the identity as a series of basic geometries that over the course of the project became increasingly more complex and nuanced. we took a tactile approach first and literally built the logo out of Froebel's wooden blocks. During the subsequent design phases we began to evolve the shapes into familiar type but kept the sculptural component alive.