Paul Hanger

Paul Hanger is an American photographer and visual artist. From 2014-2020, he was the creative director for PSA Creative.

Monique Péan

Digital Strategy
Front-end Design
Developer Partner
Photography Art Direction


The new MoniquePé functions as a tool to educate and enlighten new users and brand loyalists in the poetry and purpose of the brand. Using the idea of time as a navigational narrative, we will explore how users travel through collections, inspiration and materials.

Art Direction for Monique Péan, 2017

UI/UX for E-commerce Monique Péan site, 2017

Death to Tennis SS20

Death to Tennis SS20, shot in Queens, 2020


Brand Guidelines
Engagement Strategy
Campaign Art Direction


A Most Serious Façade, is a safe way to play in the luxury fashion market. Serious promises the hallmarks of quality, serious plays by the rules, serious means business. But, behind the facade is a wildly expressive, experimental, colorful, artistic approach to making knits.

Gávea is designed to straddle two worlds. One one hand it an outsider brand drawing inspiration from exploration of identity, ideas, and philosophies. On the other hand it makes incredibly beautiful products that sit comfortably next to the highest-end product on the market.

The result is a curious world that feels both traditional and unlike anything we’ve ever seen.

Brand activation concept

Campaign photography Art Direction, shot by Bruna Castanheira

DJ Prince

DJ Prince, shot in Queens, 2019


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